Partner : Larmax

LARMAX International,  situated in Son (NL), is an internationally active consulting , engineering and contract bureau focussed on Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
Larmax International started as the Gemco company group.  They are still closely linked to the Gemco group.  Together, we have already realised various projects in different industries all over the world.
Larmax international has an office in Son (NL), Moscow (Russia), Almaty (Kazakhstan), and Riga (Latvia)
Mr. Alphons Wijnen is director and contact person
For more details:
LARMAX International BV  І  ul. Dostoevskogo 21  І  127473 МОSCOW  І  Russian Federation
Теlephone: +7 495 755 5713, Mobile +7 916 8065800  І І
LARMAX International BV  І  Prospekt Аbaya, ug. ul. Radostovtsa 151/115, business centre Alatau office 1110  І  050009 ALMATY  І  Republic of Kazakhstan
Telephone +7 727 334 0703, Mobile +7 701 2210723  І  І