Car industry


Applications Car industry

Pyrox can provide the car industry with complete systems for the cleaning of industrial components. This includes the cleaning of various hoisting systems or entire car bodies. Pyrox can provide you with a complete cleaning process consisting of the pre-treatment, the removal of paint residue and the post-treatment.  Do you have wrongly sprayed panels? Include those in the next cleaning process. This saves on materials and increases your efficiency.

Cleaning process within your company

As the cleaning process takes place on location, no transport is required (compared to outsourcing) and the materials are cleaned and ready for use again more rapidly. The extended lifespan means a saving on the required industrial components. Several advantages of a Pyrox cleaning process within your company:

  • Fast cleaning
  • Longer lifespan of the cleaned materials
  • Optimal results
  • Professional, customized advice
  • Technical support
  • etc.

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