Pyrox low-oxygen cleaning ovens

For the cleaning of your components, you expect the best. The low-oxygen cleaning ovens from Pyrox offer the best when it comes to the cleaning of your components. Thanks to a broad applicability and a large assortment, the Pyrox oven represents the perfect mix of efficient and cost effective cleaning. This process does not only extend the lifespan of your products but also accelerates your current business processes.

Mubox ovens

The Mubox ovens from Pyrox are an ideal alternative (budget friendly) to the traditional way of industrial cleaning. This oven allows you to clean your components in an efficient and professional way and extend their lifespan. Thanks to the simple and controlled system, you do not need to supervise the process during the cleaning.

Drying ovens

The Pyrox drying ovens have a broad applicability. Thanks to its large number of applications, the Pyrox drying oven is indispensable in many workshops. Whether you need to dry or cure paint and varnish, resin electric motors or pre-heat materials for processing, the Pyrox drying ovens feature all the functions to carry out these tasks successfully. The simple operation of the drying oven is another plus.

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