Drying ovens


Besides low-oxygen cleaning ovens and MUBOX ovens, Pyrox also manufactures drying ovens. These are, amongst others, very suitable for the curing and polymerisation of electrical insulating varnishes, resins and paints. Thanks to the design, the drying oven is able to dry in a fast and professional way, using forced air circulation. Besides the drying of varnish, resin and paint, the oven can also be used for the pre-heating and drying of granulates. The oven has multiple functions. The sucking in of the air by one or several ventilators, mounted centrally in the oven ceiling, ensures a constant air flow. Most of this air is evenly distributed over the electrical resistances, resulting in the heating up of space. The double construction then blows back the heated air into the oven, via the side walls. The remaining air is removed through the chimney, via a programmable and adjustable valve. The distribution can be pre-programmed.

The easy operation enables you to set the oven entirely to your own requirements. All drying ovens are equipped with a digital temperature setting, an additional maximum thermostat, a ventilator with an explosion free fan and finished inside with heat resistant aluminium paint. The Pyrox drying ovens are designed by a team of specialists, in accordance with your requirements.

Energy: the smaller drying ovens are mostly electrically heated.  Larger ovens can be heated electrically or via a gas (oil) burner with heat exchanger.

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