Mubox ovens


Besides the very advanced Pyrox Cleaning oven Pyrox also offers Mubox ovens . These burn-out ovens are also capable of incinerating binding agents and therefore suitable for the complete cleaning of your products.
The different between the Pyrox Cleaning oven and the Mubox oven is the control and regulation of the oxygen level in the heating chamber. The oxygen level in the Mubox oven is not minimised and therefore this oven is perfectly suitable for the burning out of electric motors and transformers.

Mubox ovens and strict environmental requirements
The Mubox oven is equally leading when it comes to compliance with environmental requirements.  All Mubox ovens comply amply with the strict global environmental requirements. Thanks to the built-in afterburner chamber, all dangerous gasses are burnt before entering the environment. Therefore, the temperature in the afterburner chamber reaches about 850°C. This technique ensures that the environment remains free of harmful substances.

Simple to operate, great results
best kast Mubox - Pyrox

The oven can be set to your own requirements by pressing only a few buttons. All ovens are equipped, among others, with a digital temperature indicator, atemperature protection by means of a water spray system, an explosion hatch on top of the oven and a moveable cart for easy loading and unloading of goods.

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